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Join us to begin your successful journey, and we'll assist you in passing this test in just seven days. There is a wealth of information available here. In addition to the content, our trainer will help you get started on your preparation with the support of our video lectures, and our mock exam will ensure that you perform well on time and there are no gaps in your knowledge. Additionally, our e-pdfs are available for your final review. So, exactly what are you waiting for? Join Learning Sessions today for improved growth.






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IIBF Learning Center Certification

Pass any exam to get certification from IIBF with Learning Sessions- CCP, Risk Management, Digital Banking, MSME, KYC, Cyber Crime, Treasury Management, Treasury investment & Risk management, International trade finance, NBFC, Small bank finance, It security, Forex operations, Financial advising, Financial & Investment planning, insurance planning, retirement planning & employee Benefit, Tax planning


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Certified Credit Professional

CCP- Certified Credit Professional Course By IIBF

Start your preparation with Learning Sessions for Certified Cost Professional (CCP) training. Our updated content covers essential techniques in estimating, planning, and cost control for different project stages. Acquiring this knowledge will not only kick-start your career but also set you on the path to excel in industrial project management.

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Risk Management

Risk Management Course Online

Risk Management exam preparation journey with our learning sessions. Our updated content offers comprehensive guidance, incorporating valuable tips, tricks, and practical insights. Benefit from our study materials, which include mock tests and ePDFs, ensuring you're well-prepared for success.

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Digital Banking

Digital Banking made easy with syllabus priority

Where you are from any background can confidently crack the digital banking exam on the first attempt with us. Our live recorded video lectures cover the 2024 syllabus, providing comprehensive guidance to transform you into a digital banking expert.

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MSME Complete syllabus 2024

Start your preparation with Learning Sessions for the Micro, Medium & Small Enterprises certification from IIBF. Count on us for clear and easy-to-understand content that's regularly updated to support your growth. Our powerful video lectures are your key to cracking the exam with confidence.

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Get KYC Complete Syllabus 2024

Start your preparation with Learning Sessions for IIBF certification in KYC. Rely on our updated and excellent content, ensuring a comprehensive study experience. Our powerful video lectures are designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to crack the exam successfully.

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Prevention of cyber crime & Fraud Management

Start getting ready for the PCC exam with our learning sessions. It might seem a bit tricky, but our latest ePDFs, mock tests, and past questions will help you succeed. Trust our resources to guide you towards a successful outcome.

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Treasury Management

Treasury Management Complete syllabus priority

Ease your exam worries with our online learning platform, offering updated content for stress-free preparation. Clear the Treasury Management exam confidently, and experience the joy of achieving your dream. Your success journey starts here!

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Treasury Investment & Risk Management

Treasury Investment & Risk Management Syllabus Priority as per latest IIBF trends

Kickstart your preparation with Learning Sessions, offering confidence-boosting content updates. Conquer Treasury Investment & Risk Management effortlessly, ensuring success in your exam on the first try. Get ready to shine in the examination hall!

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International Trade Finance

International Trade Finance made easy with syllabus priority

Start your preparation with Learning Sessions for International Trade Finance, where we offer constantly updated content. Gain the confidence needed to navigate the examination hall successfully. Our comprehensive syllabus guidance ensures you're well-prepared to crack it on your first attempt.

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NBFC (Non- banking financial companies)

Non- banking financial companies

Begin your learning adventure in Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), a fascinating topic for those entering the banking field. Start your preparation with us, and access easy-to-understand content that's regularly updated.

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SBF (Small bank finance)

Small Bank Finance latest IIBF trends

Achieve success in your first attempt at Small Bank Finance (SBF) with our comprehensive syllabus. Our video lectures, mock tests, and previous year questions provide the essential tools for bankers aiming to crack the SBF exam on the first try.

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It security

It security Complete syllabus 2024

Start your prep for the IT security exam with Learning Sessions! No worries - our latest and updated content will help you understand everything easily. Trust us to guide you through, making your exam journey smooth and successful.

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Forex Operations

Forex operations Complete syllabus

We provide a thorough set of questions covering Forex operations from previous year's exam papers. This resource is designed to increase your learning, confidence, and chances of passing the upcoming exam.

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Financial Advising

Financial Advising Complete Guide

Enrol in Financial Advising, Learning Sessions to get started on your preparation! In order to give you the most recent material, we provide a comprehensive question pack that is based on past year's question papers.

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Financial & Investment Planning

Financial & Investment Planning Updated Content

Strengthen your knowledge and boost your confidence with our updated content. Start your preparation journey with Learning Sessions and dive into the world of Financial and Investment Planning.

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Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning Complete Exam Preparation guide

Enhance your grasp on Insurance Planning exam. Access a full question pack from previous year question papers, specially curated for your exam preparation.

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Retirement Planning & Employee Benefit

Retirement Planning & Employee Benefit 2024

Start your preparation with Learning Sessions, where we offer updated content on "Retirement Planning and Employee Benefit." Access our full question pack from previous year papers to strengthen your exam readiness

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Tax Planning

Tax Planning Latest IIBF Trends

Commence your exam preparation on a strong note with Learning Sessions, offering updated content on TAX PLANNING. Access a comprehensive set of questions from previous year papers, meticulously crafted to bolster your exam success.

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Stories that inspire


After I joined the Jaiib batch at Learning Sessions, I cracked Jaiib exam 2023 and discovered my true potential.

Reena Parokhe

IIBF Learning Sessions JAIIB

  • It was superb experience with learning session classes, no need to study anything extra. Focuse on L'S videos and revision. Special thanks to Ashish sir for timely support whenever require. I highly recommend Learning session class for CAIIB. Regards, Anup Gupta BOB


    Anup Gupta


    Jaiib Score 302

  • The most easiest way of understanding & perfect app to clear your concepts for JAIIB & CAIIB, even if you are not from commerce background. Thank you very much for all the guidance.




    Caiib Score 403

  • Highly impressed with this app's content quality, the videos, the study material. The video lectures are a standout feature, explaining complex topics with simplicity. I felt well-prepared and confident going into the JAIIB exams."


    Purnima Kumari


    Jaiib Score 290

  • The study material provided by you is so upto the mark and suffice, that just by going through the videos I cleared CAIIB. I had reffered no other study material. I am very happy and thankful to the whole team and wish u all success.




    Caiib Score 281




Is this course sufficient for obtaining the 2024 certification from IIBF?

Absolutely, this course covers every aspect required for all papers of the exam in line with the latest IIBF syllabus. It goes beyond just meeting the requirements, ensuring a thorough preparation for successfully passing the certification exam.

What material is covered in this certification exam preparation course?

This course includes comprehensive content such as full course videos, chapter-wise previous questions, mock tests, mega mock tests, case study videos, and online PDF material.

Is this course offered online or offline, and is there any offline study material available?

This is a fully online certification course that comprehensively covers all aspects based on the latest IIBF exam syllabus. Currently, there is no offline material available; however, you can access the course content anytime, anywhere through our online platform.

Can I access course videos using a mobile application, and is it possible to download the videos?

Yes, you can access the course videos through the website, mobile devices, and an available Android application. Additionally, you have the option to download the videos for offline viewing, providing flexibility in your study routine.

Can we get the prints of PDF material available?

PDFs are accessible using mobile applications as well as websites but you will not be able to take the print out of the same.

Certification exams consist of various concepts of the banking field and the aim of the exam is to help candidates to deliver improved banking services and enable them to accomplish their tasks and responsibilities with competency.

The study material that Learning Sessions provide for the Certification Courses is -CCP, KYC AML, MSME, Digital Banking, BCSBI, Debt Recovery Agent and Cyber Crime & Fraud Management.

1. Why Certified Credit Professional (CCP) exam is important?

The Certified Credit Professional (CCP) exam is chosen by numerous candidates to begin a new career in the banking industry as well as to accelerate their career journey. By clearing the exam, bankers get the opportunity to learn the advanced skills that are required to handle various credit management issues such as Working Capital Management, Loan Policy, Project Finance, Credit Monitoring, Credit Appraisal, Export Credits, Management of impaired assets, and Analysis of financial statements.

If you are planning to appear in the upcoming Certified Credit Professional exam, then you must go through the study material and CCP short notes for the exam, prepared by the expert team of Learning Session.

2. How Learning Sessions can help you with the Certificate Exam?

Learning Session, the best learning platform for Bank Promotion Exams, CAIIB Exams, JAIIB Exams, and IIBF Certification Exams. The founder of the institute, Mr. Ashish Jain, is an ex-banker with seven years of experience in the credit department. Our dedicated team, works with extreme commitment, providing motivation, guidance, and support to excel in the exams.

3. How to get IIBF AML KYC study material?

Candidates can easily get the study material of the KYC AML Exam at Learning Sessions. Our video lectures can be accessed through our Android or iOS application and are available on our website too. These video lectures are prepared by Mr. Ashish Jain, an ex-banker having seven years of experience in the credit department.

The study material of AML KYC prepared by Learning Sessions includes-

·   Latest Syllabus

·   Video Course

·   Topic wise Epdf notes

·   Live lecture recorded 48+ hours of classes

·   Memory recalled questions

To get this study material you need to visit our website and sign up using your E-mail ID & other details. To avail of the course go to the ‘BuyPro’ section and avail the study material of KYC AML.

4. How to get Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management study material?

Prevention of Cyber Crime and Fraud Management is a certificate course that aims to make bankers familiar with different types of cybercrimes and to provide the necessary knowledge & skills so that the occurrence of such crimes in banks can be controlled.

Aspirants planning to appear in the Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management Exam 2024, are recommended to consider the study material prepared by Learning Sessions.

The full course covers-

 ·   Chapter-wise video course (mix of Hindi & English Languages)

·   Detailed Concepts

·   Questions

·   Memory Recalled Questions

·   Tests for 2024

·   Review Tests

·   Epdfs Notes

Aspirants seeking to appear in the Certification Exams need to focus on the right approach, guidance, and strategy to qualify for the exam. For any expert guidance and queries contact us by visiting our website. Learning Session wishes you the best of luck in getting fruitful results in the exam. May your hard work be rewarded, and you get a promising career ahead.

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